Welcome to a powerful and life-enhancing process

The physical space around you is like a sponge, absorbing the energy of everyone past and present. Those energy footprints can be either invigorating or draining. In order to live and work in an environment that supports harmony and good fortune, the space needs to be recalibrated. Introducing The Energy Factor.

The Energy Factor is an advanced feng shui technology that incorporates science, spirituality and the environment’s energy. It utilizes the Energy Grid Recalibration (EGR), which works at deep levels to cleanse, balance and recalibrate a space.

The Energy Factor will positively affect all types of business environments and residential spaces, including those for sale or rent and newly constructed or renovated.

During the dynamic process, the feng shui bagua layout is explained and suggested adjustments are shared. This can be done in person or remotely through email and via Skype.

Out with the old energy and in with the new! Schedule an appointment today and look forward to an enhanced personal, professional, financial, emotional and spiritual life.

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